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Quality and reliability


BIONIKA Medline Kft. has always paid close attention to quality during its nearly 25 years of existence. It is important for us to be trusted by our partners. The quality of our products was certified by ISO and TÜV qualifications several times. This certificate is a proof of reliability and stability of our company.

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„Dear József Hajdú,

The Bisnode group, which is present in 17 countries of Europe, offers a wide range of online marketing, risk management and business information solutions that make smart decisions. Our certification system, taking into account hundreds of variables, determines, on a statistical and expert basis, the reliability of the companies and the selection of those who are most stable on the Hungarian market.

We welcome your company among the most trusted companies in Hungary. At present, only 9.82% of companies in the country are eligible to use the Bisnode certificate.

Congratulations on reaching this outstanding achievement!

Your company is able to use the “AAA” Bisnode certificate to indicate that your company is the best 0.63% of businesses in Hungary.”

Bisnode Hungary

We needed to have our partners’ trust and work in our developments in order to achieve this certificate. We gratefully thank your helping us in achieving this certificate!

Hajdú József
Executive director
BIONIKA Medline Kft.

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