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Implants with aesthetic, round and locator head of the Conefit Slim Implant System.


Implant system

The classic bone friend

The Conefit Slim Implant System is one of the most suitable solution due to its distinctive characteristics not only in the case of average hard but also in the case of softer bone structures as well. The surgery can be performed by small exploration, possibly transgingivally, meeting the minimum invasive requirements. Due to the same features, it is the most optimal construction for immediate loadness.

There are three types of headform implants in the Conefit Slim Implant System: Classic, aesthetic and round-headed.

Distinctive constructional and applicational characteristics:

Conical, self-compressional thread • Cycloid thread profile • High thread pitch • High thread depth • One pic surgical technique • Immediate loadness after the recovery of soft tissue • OT-CAP micro compatible patent head • Geometry adapted to the natural tooth root

The round headed Conefit Slim implants are suitable for the usage of removable toothworks with inserting 2-6 implants.
The abutments of the Conefit Slim round head: ot-cap cap, anatomical heads( straight and oblique) , technical implant.

Abutments of the CONEFIT Slim Implant System

When choosing the abutment the headform of the implant must be taken into account.

The abutments of the Conefit Slim Classic and Aesthetic Implant System: Aesthetics(anatomical) head, straight or 15 degree oblique, trapezoidal head, technical implant and sampling head.

The abutments of the Conefit Slim Round Headed Implant System: OT- CAP micro metal cap and OT-CAP micro plastic interline, Aesthetics(anatomical) head, straight or 15 degree oblique, round headed, technical implant. The basic function of the Conefit Slim Roundhead Implant System is fixing the removable tooth work by means of the patent abutment. Accordingly, OT-CAP MICRO (1,8 mm diameter) head is used as a basic abutment, Normal (2,5 mm diameter) head was became operational in case of special needs. The aesthetic heads make the implants suitable for wearing glued toothworks.

BIONIKA demonstrates the best qualities of Grade 4 titanium used in implant manufacturing for dental implantology according to the ISO 5832-2 ASTM F67 standard. Due to its adequate purity the biocompatibility is exceptionally good as well as it is provided with exceptional solidity. Initially, we and other implant manufacturers preferred the higher purity titanium but due to solidity reasons nowadays almost every implant is made of Grade 4 or other alloyed titanium in the world.

In all cases of implant abutments, alloyed, high strength Grade 4 titanium is applied according to the ISO 5832-4 ASTM F136 standard. The titanium applied according to the standard is provided with exceptional biocompatibility, it is almost risk-free.

Conefit Slim sampling head
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