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Implant system


Compatible with CamLog® system

extra short implants

Get to know the characteristics of our CortiLog Short system

The application of Cortilog Short extra short implants in the case of low bone supply, due to the nerve canal, small space is provided, but the short implant is a suitable solution for problems.
The Camlog® type connection of Cortilog.
The strenghtened body of the implant along the cams can be visible on the picture.

Inserting length

Our extra short implants are suitable for tooth substitution in the case of low bone supply. The inserting length of the artificial root is 6 and 7 mm.

5 mm implants are produced on request.


Tube-in-tube connection with a flat platform. The three cam shape ensures an accurate anti-rotation inhibition. The outer mantle of the implant is strengthened where the „cams” are placed.

Strenghtened implant body

The Cortilog Short implants are strengthened with a petalled shape in favor of reaching as strong implant body as possible. Thus, the implant is able to take up the bigger dynamic loads better, this way the implant can be exposed to higher loads.


In 5 types of diameter

ø3.3 – ø3.8 – ø4.3 – ø5.0 – ø6.0

Why choose the BIONIKA implants?

Quality raw materials

Our products are made of as highest quality as possible, high biocompatible materials.

Advanced technology

Our products are CE marked and the production process is under strict quality management system.

Large range of sizes

Whether it is diameter or length, the BIONIKA offers everything you need.

Long-term guarantee

All BIONIKA products provide a long-term, replacement and money refund guarantee.



with 6 and 7 mm inserting length



The packaging of our implants is multi-layered. The first two layer is the implant holding poor box and a transparent vial. This two layer ensures the total, null colony-forming unit sterility.

The outer layer of the packaging is a paper box, which is for the physical safety. Every paper box is provided with colour coded labels according to the platform-diameters. The colour of the packaging is adjusted to this method.

The innermost layer of the packaging is the implant holding poor box. The implant can be founded in this poor box. The poor box is held by the closing plug of the vial, with this it can be removed from the vial. The locking screw of the implant can be founded in the plug as well.

Cortilog Short packaging. The packaging includes the locking screw as well.