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Connection: Cone & hex & cyclinder

The most perfect fixation is provided by the complex cone, hexagonal prism and cyclinder which is well-proven in the engineering practice. 30 degree cone angle is applied which eventuates micromotor-free power transmission and offers favorable conditions for the accurate open or closed spooned sampling. it superimposes the powers deep right into the inside of the implant.

BIONIKA Eco Implant System- connection
BIONIKA Eco-plant Implant
Cortical Level – The chances of the implant persistency are significantly improved by inserting the upper edge of the implant at the cortical level or below.

Platform switching – The diameter of the abutment is smaller than the outer part of the implant which is connected to the bone. The bone can move to the upper edge of the implant.

Spirally microstriated surface – The microstriated spiral surface can function as a significant weight bearing element. The self-closing thread structure and the cycloid cord thread ensure a micromotor-free condition and fast insertion.

Anatomical tooth root form – Due to the conicity, high thread pitch, high thread deepness, self-closing and self-tapping shaping of the implant screw thread, it has a bone-compacting effect and with due diligence it can be immediately loaded.

Rounded implant end – It helps facilitating the minor direction changes when inserting the implant.

Range of sizes

The Eco implant system consists of five different implant diameters. Every implant diameter has five lengths in order to be an adequate solution for every situations. The implant with ø3.5 diameter is exceptionally suitable for thinner than average bone structures for holding toothworks on the long run. The usage of the implant with ø4.0 and ø4.5 diameters is beneficial for average bone structures and the ø5.0 and ø6.0 implant diameters are beneficial for bigger than average bone stocks. The structure of every Eco implant is homogeneous, made of high solidity alloyed titanium.

BIONIKA Eco abutments

There are more than 40 types of geometries for plastic, zirconium, titanium and cobalt chromium-based toothworks. Different sizes and length abutments in a wide range can be chosen for the BIONIKA implants. There are personalized solutions for every cases!

In all cases of implant abutments, alloyed, high strength Grade 5 titanium is applied according to the ISO 5832-4 ASTM F136 standard.

The implant heads can be founded for removable, screwed and glueable toothworks in our supply, as well as implant-level casting heads, temporary heads, healing caps, prosthetic and CAD-CAM elements are available for You at your disposal.


The most impressive customized system for screw-retained dentures


Optimum concept – the economical solution

Minimal invasive solution for the fixation of complete dentures, to the patients’ great satisfaction.

The properties of the Eco Implant System provide an excellent possibility to prepare screw-retained complete dentures, by implanting only 4 or 6 implants. For more details about the method and further applications, see our Eco catalogue.

BIONIKA Eco Implant All-on4 solution
BIONIKA Eco Implant System- catalogue

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