Castable abutments

Wide ranges of castable abutments for several systems. You can easily buy at our webshop and the product can be delivered in a few days.

The base of the modern tooth augmentation

BIONIKA “Lokator” abutments with lokator cap set

Compatible abutments

NOBEL BIOCARE® : Nobel Active® – Replace Select® – Brånemark System® | CAMLOG® – CONELOG® | STRAUMANN® : Bone Level® – Tissue Level® | AlphaBio® | Zimmer® | MIS®  | SGS® | ADIN® | DIO®| DENTISPLY FRIADENT® : Ankylos® – XiVE® – Astra® | Denti® | CORTICAL® | SIC® | Implant Direct® : Legacy® | SCANDREA® | SCANDREA+® | BioHorizons® | IHDE® | MYTIS® | CONEFIT® | Bauer® | SLIM® | PITT-EASY® | BIOPLANT®

Wide ranges of titanium membranes

3D Builder titanium membranes – Bone grafting with implantation

Travel screwdriver set

Travel screwdriver set

We have developed these kits in order to simplify the insertion and removal of  screws, implants and abutments. If you “travel in implantology”, or patients travel to you with unidentified implants in their mouth, the BIONIKA TRAVEL screwdriver kit is for you. It contains the drivers to the most popular implant systems.