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PCL: Tube-in-tube connection

Tube-in-tube with a flat platform. The three cams ensure an exact antirotaton connection.

CCL: Conical Connection

Due to this connection, force transmission is free from micromovements and makes the use of impression coping easier. It superimposes the forces deep inside the implant.

ECL: Conical Connection, Tissue level

This implant has the same design as the CCL type but this one is not sand blasted, its shiny part can be inserted into the soft gums, and therefore, it is applicable also for patients with soft bone structure.

cortilog connection
Cortilog Short - 4 diameters in two types of lenghts

MCL: A good solution when the bone structure is soft.

Works with soft bone structures are getting more and more frequent, and of course, patients with soft bone structures want to have a well-functioning denture, too. For this reason, BIONIKA has developed the Cortilog MCL implant system that makes the manufacture of artifical teeth possible for them, too.

TCL: Temporary implants for immediate transitory loading

The application of the TCL implants gives immediate solution for the making of temporary tooth replacement during the final two-stage implant’s recovery period. The osseointegration is hampered because the implant’s surface is not sandblasted. This is why the temporary implants can be removed safely before the final tooth replacement.

Distinctive petals around the cam shape
Cortilog implant head in wide range of sizes

For the BIONIKA CortiLog implants, you can choose abutments from a wide range of sizes and lengths. There are personalized solutions for every case.

You find abutments for removable, screwed and glued tooth works in our supply. Implant-level casting, temporary, and gum-forming abutments, prosthetic and CAD-CAM elements are also available.

More than 50 geometries for plastic, zirconium, titanium and cobalt-chromium based tooth works.

For the manufacture of every implant abutments, we use titanium Grade 5 that is an alloy, have a high solidity level and is made according to the ISO 5832-4 ASTM F136 standard.

Normal and short abutments - only different in their stem lengths.
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