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Hand and leg surgical plates

Hand and leg surgical


BIONIKA Hand and leg surgical system

The BIONIKA Hand and leg surgical system is the sum of plates and screws for fixing hand and leg bones. The implants can be fixed to the surface of the bone with screws , thus holding the broken bones together. The plates are inserted surgically and suitable for fixing fractures.

The parts of the system:

  • hand surgical plates (in different form shapes : I-form, L-form, F-form, T-form)
  • leg surgical plates (in different form shapes)
  • fixing screws
Hand surgical plates of the BIONIKA KLS system
Hand surgery. Hand and leg surgical plates.

Raw materials

In the case of hand and leg surgical plates manufacturing, alloyed, high solidity Grade 2 quality titanium is applied according to the ISO5832-2 standard. The fixing screws are made of Grade 5 quality titanium according to the ISO 5832-3 standard. The titanium applied according to the standard is provided with exceptional biocompatibility, it is almost risk-free. Due to its adequate purity the biocompatibility is exceptionally good as well as it is provided with exceptional solidity.