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BIONIKA BioLevel Implant System, with implants and abutments wide range.


Implant System

The most widely used connection in the world.

BIOLEVEL – Simply great

The most complete solution a dentist can give to a patient

The compatibility of BIOLEVEL: Alpha-Bio®, Zimmer®, Biohorizons®, Cortex®, AB®, IQ Implants®, MIS – Seven®, Implant Direct – Legacy®

Recently, more and more dentists have a need for compatibility between the different dental implant systems. Fortunately, BIONIKA developed its BIOLEVEL implant family, and with that brought significant changes in the use of implant abutments, tools, and other accessories.

With the help of this implant platform connection system, the dentist is able to restoer the chewing abilities of the patient, no matter how extreme the bone supply is.

Biolevel implant
Hexagonal connection

Connection: Cone and hex

The combination of a cone- and a hexagon geometry makes a perfect connection. The 90° cone angle leads to a force transmission that is free from micromovements. It superimposes the forces deep inside the implant.

The slim BIOLEVEL implant with a 3.0 mm diameter, and a 2.75 mm platform, or with a 3.25 mm diameter, and a 3.00 mm platform is perfectly suitable for bone structures that are thinner than the average, it holds the removable toothworks for a long time.

The normal BIOLEVEL implant with a 3.75 or a 4.25 mm diameter, and a 3.5 mm platform is also holding the removable toothwork for a long time, but it is for average bone structures.

The thick BIOLEVEL implant with a 4.75 or a 5.25 mm diameter, and a 4.5 mm platform, and a 6 mm, or a 7 mm diameter and 5.7 mm platform, is holding the removable toothwork for a long time, and it is for bone structures that are thicker than the average, for normal chewing strength.

There are 8 different implant diameters can be found in the BioLevel system.

The characteristics of the BioLevel Implant system:

Connection: Cone and hex – The combination of a cone- and a hexagon geometry makes a perfect connection.

Cortical Level – It is much more probable that the implant stays in, if its upper edge is inserted to the cortical level, or below.

Platform switching – The diameter of the abutment’s connecting part is smaller than the implant’s outer part that is in connection with the bone. This way, the bone can crawl onto the upper edge of the implant.

Spirally microstriated surface – The spirally microstriated surface functions as a significant weight bearing element. The self-closing thread structure and the cycloid cord thread ensure a micromovement-free condition and a fast integration.

Anatomical tooth root form – Due to the conicity, high thread pitch, high thread deepness, self-closing and self-tapping shaping of the implant screw thread, it has a bone-compacting effect and prudently, it can be loaded immediately.

Oval implant ending – It facilitates minor changes in direction during the insertion.

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