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BIONIKA HiCON Implant System


Implant System

Simply good – a simple solution for average bone structures

Connection: Cone & hex & cyclinder

The most perfect fixation is provided by the complex cone, hexagonal prism and cyclinder which is well-proven in the engineering practice. 25 degree easily soluble cone angle is applied which eventuates micromotor-free movement power transmission and offers favorable conditions for the accurate open or closed spooned sampling. It superimposes the powers deep right into the implant. The accurate cylindrical spur fixation of the head ensures the tilting stability of the head.

BIONIKA HiCON Implant System- connection

In the dental and implantological practice there was a demand between the different dental implants for such an implant system which covers the circle of patients with average bone structures as simple as possible.

Its main characteristic is that unlike conventional solutions, the form of the biological tooth root is better pursued, the thread structure which ensures the primer stability according to the more than 25-year- experience is the most modern and offering the biggest primer stability as possible construction, which is well-adjusted to the cortical and the spongy jaw bone structures as well. Thus the HiCon product family was developed. Cone & hex & Cyclinder connection – This complex cone, hexagonal prism and cyndrical geometry ensures the perfect fixation which is well-proven in the engineering practice. Platform switching – Platform switching- The diameter of the abutment is smaller than the outer part of the implant which is connected to the bone. The bone can move to the upper edge of the implant. Required inserting depth: Implant length + from 0,5 to 1 mm. Rounded, self-tapping implant end: It helps facilitating the minor direction changes when inserting the implant.

Conical, spirally microstriated cortical surface – The multi-paragraphed microstriated spiral surface can function as a significant weight bearing element connected to the cortical, as in the case of the primer and in the later phases as well. This conical, obturating, self-closing, radius-shaped thread structure helps facilitating dynamic force convection and ensures micromotor-free condition for fast insertion. Anatomical tooth root form – high thread pitch, self-compressional spongy thread. The HiCON follows the form of the anatomical tooth root. Due to the conicity,high thread pitch, high thread deepness, self-closing and self-tapping shaping of the implant screw thread, it has a bone-compacting effect. Thus, there is an option for immediate loadness of the implant as needed as a result of the high primer stability. Rounded, self-tapping implant end – It helps facilitating the minor direction changes when inserting the implant.

HiCON Implant System
BIONIKA HiCON Implant System- catalogue

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