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The History of the Bionika Medline Kft.

The whole history of the company from the establishment to nowadays.

SCANDREA Implant System


The establishment of the Company: is the 1st of February in 1989. Hajdú József and His Wife establish the BIONIKA Engineer Office, which is specialized in the development, manufacture and trade of implants which can be inserted into the human body, in the professional areas of dentistry, oral surgery, traumatology, orthopaedics, musculoskeletal field and rehabilitation. As a primary goal, they put great emphasis on the development of dental artificial root implants. Szabó György at the Semmelweis University Clinic provided useful support in the case of the developing work. Dr. Klenk Gusztáv head of department and chief physician and chief physician Dr. Varga Zoltán of the Stomatology Institute were selfless helpers and surgical technique supports for the very intensive developing work. The BIONIC blade and CONEFIT screw implant family were developed and made of high purity titanium raw material in this year.

Wrist Fixateur


The compressional jaw bone fracture plates of the company with titanium alloy was firstly applied in this year at the Oral Surgical Department of Miskolc. The professional instructions of Dr. Dósa Gábor head of department and chief physician and Dr. Grúber Károly chief physician at the Hetényi Géza Megyei County Hospital were the lead to the development of KREAFIX Outer modular fixateur system, which consists of fixative nuts and linkages and which is a very simple and practical system.

Bone surgical plates


The company successfully invested in machines, by winning a state competition. The manufactural development of the titanium Oral surgical mini plates and bone screws. The BIOPLANT Bone screw implant system was finished.

BIONIC Blade Implant System


The first major milestone was in 1992 when BIONIKA firstly got product- ORKI license: for the BIONIC enosseal blade implant system. This is the first Hungarian titanium dental artificial root implant, which got the 238/92. numbered ORKI-license. The BIONIKA was the first in the Hungarian dentistry field to produce dental implants made with raw titanium.

BIOPLANT Implant System


The BIONIKA gets product- ORKI license for the first endosseal titanium screw, the CONEFIT implant system, which got the 377/93 numbered ORKI-license. The SLIM and BIOPLANT implants had received the 377/93 product license as it was the case with the Conefit implant. As an offshoot of the SLIM family, the Speedy system was developed by BIONIKA. The first Hungarian dynamic femoral neck screw, the BHS was developed. The professional opinion for the applicability into the human body of the BHS dynamic femoral neck screw was carried out by Dr. Gyárfás Ferenc, who is the head of department and chief physician at the National Institute of Traumatology. The number of the ORKI license: 378/93. The „Y” nail (also known as Gamma-nail) , is the development of the BGN Genocephalic intramedullary nail, the BHN and BHN Salgo humerus nail, the concise Femur and Tibia intramedullary nails. In the development of the BIONIKA Y-nail, the company could rely on the professional, support of Dr. Dósa Gábor, while in the development of the BHN Salgo humerus nail, the company could rely on the professional support of Dr. Vekszler György. The intramedullar intramedullary nails received the ORKI- license, numbered 892/93.

AXT Implant System


The development of the AXT (Axe) type Tricortical implant system based on the study of Dr. Elischer Zoltán. The ORKI-license number is 907/95. The BIONIKA Medline Orvostechnikai Kft is established by the owners. The introduction of the quality management system. The head quarter of the company is finished. Developments of the CNC manufactural technologies.

CONEFIT Implant System


The CONEFIT on its 10th birthday, got a makeover. The new thread structure of the CONEFIT: D3,5 D4,0 D5,0 D6,0. mm. The abutment system of CONEFIT was expanded.

SLIM Implant System


The SLIM and BIOPLANT implant family are further developed. One implant system consists of the single-phase one piece, the single-phase more piece soft tissue-level, bi-phase and micro implants.

SCANDREA Implant System


BIONIKA achieves the 15-year-constructional concept and SCANDREA is the name of this concept. This is an alloy of the several professional experiences and the most modern scientific requirements.



The introduction of the ISO 13485 Quality standard and the Product quality system for Surgical technique instruments. The BIONIKA “T-nail” was developed, which is a traumatologically individual construction for treating near knees femur fractures, as the genocephalic nail was developed. CNC technological modernization. The establishment of the BIONIKA Implant Researching Laboratory.

ECO Implant System


The development of the CORTICAL Dental Artificial Root Implant System based on the lexical and practical experiences and advices. A new Y-nail was developed, which was called Y3-nail, and which is an effective treatment for the fractures of the hip area. The birth of the Cortical ECO construction of artificial root system. New technological developments, with setting up the modern CNC machine implementation.

SCANDREA Implant System


The BIONIKA set a goal to increase the primer stability of the implant during a new development, in a way to create a scalar outer thread structure for fixing the implant. The new product was given the Scandrea product name. Examines have shown, that this product is provided with the highest primer stability comparing to the known and most popular brands. The other important result of the scalar thread structure is the application of minimal invasive surgical technique during implantation.

Travel screwdriver kit


The birth of the “Bonelite” dental implant system. It has given the epsilon thread structure of the Bionika Cortical system with a Straumann BL type inner, compatible fixation. Our Travel screwdriver kit has filled a big gap in the Hungarian market, some clinic or dental office uses more implant system in parallel with each other, but those doctors, wo carry out the implantation, aren’t always sure whether the given instrument will work or not in that given time. This is the reason why a single, compact kit is needed only, which is compatible with each system.

Hicon Implant System


The development of the Hicon product family at the beginning of the year. Nearly the same time the “Primer” with high primer stability implant was developed and the theoretical structure of the “Astrea” implant. The theoretical structure of the Mulit-Compat abutment system, which is considered to be multicompatible and a new thing in the world, is developed. The more detailed elaboration of this system is planned to be performed during the R+D+I competition.

Hybrid Implantásiós Rendszer


We have developed then new generational transplant screwdrivers in more dimensions and with a wider range of applicational possibilities for traumatological and oral surgical professional areas.

The development of the Hybrid Implant System for thin bone structures, for removable abutments on request.

We have established the modern industrial BIONIKA Milling Centre with 5-axis machining centres.

Hybrid Implantásiós Rendszer


Establishment of the BIONIKA Club. Organizing engineering-medical specialist meetings for the development of medical technology with the tools of bionics as an interdisciplinary science.