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TRAVEL screwdriver- and test kit


The helpers of the travelling implantologist and dental technician

BIONIKA has developed the screwdriver and test kits that provide perfect operation during interventions. We have developed these kits in order to simplify the insertion and removal of head screws, implants and abutments. If you “travel in implantology”, or patients travel to you with unidentified implants in their mouth, the BIONIKA TRAVEL screwdriver- and test kit is indispensable as it contains the drivers to the most popular implant systems.

Prosthetic set by the supply of BIONIKA

TRAVEL screwdriver kit

Our basic set is on market in a light, anodised aluminium box. The kit consists of 13 manual drivers, an adapter for using machine elbow stems, and a ratchet torque wrench. These are the most important instruments for dental implantation. In order to make the utilization easier, we have provided our kits with code letters and notations of dimensions and geometries.

TRAVEL implant test driver kit

The implant test driver kit takes place in an enduring, anodised aluminium box. It consists of 23 drivers that are compatible with the most popular implant brands. There are drivers with several diameters for diameters for each brand in this kit. In case of patients with implants inserted, the adequacy of ossification can be tested with the help of this driver kit. And of course, it can also be used for removing the improper implants. The box involves a ratchet torque wrench, too.

implant test key kit
TRAVEL Dual wrench and test kit

TRAVEL Dual wrench- and test kit

This is a mix of the two previously introduced kits on one tray. Every manual drivers can be found in this kit that are needed for the most popular implant brands in the world. It consists of 13 screwdrivers, 23 implant drivers for testing the ossification, an adapter for machine elbow stems, and lastly, a ratchet torque wrench.

Ratchet torque wrench

The ratchet torque wrench is an instrument for tightening the screws under a given pressure, and for inserting the implants. Using the degree of torque you selected, the wrench provides the optimal power transmission during the insertion of the implant.

The scale of the torque rates from 15 to 35 Ncm. The desired torques, from 15 Ncm, can be reached by rotating the wrench’s adjuster screw to the right. There is no limit to which the torque can be increased, all you need to do, is to rotate the wrench’s adjuster screw to the stop. This means that the degree of the torque can be much higher than it is shown on the instrument.

Ratchet torque wrench with a torque scale and indicators which make the usage easier.
The usage of ratchet torque wrench. The locking screw can be screwed to the implant with the help of an implant key driver , with the help of the ratchet torque wrench. The desired torques can be set from 15 Ncm to the right.