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Bionic blade and screw implants


Implant System

BIONIC Blade implants

The blade implants are used when the bone is not wide enough for the screw implants. The BIONIC Blade implant is available in both single- and bi-phase versions with a blade width of 4 to 12 mm, and an inserting length of 6 to 16 mm. 

The single-phase version of BIONIC
Bionic bi-phase implant, with screwable ball head

The first major milestone was in 1992 when BIONIKA firstly got product- ORKI license: for the BIONIC enosseal blade implant system. This is the first Hungarian titanium dental artificial root implant that received the 238/92. ORKI-license. With that, BIONIKA was the first in Hungary who produced dental implants using titanium.