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BIONIKA Cortical Implant System


Implant System

Normal ● Extra short ● Extra slim

The characteristics of the Cortical Implants


Conical connection: Hexacon

The most perfect fixation is provided which is well-proven in the engineering practice. 30 degree cone angle is applied which eventuates micromotor-free power transmission and offers favorable conditions for the accurate open or closed spooned sampling, even in the case of bigger angle differences.

Cortical, hexagonal connection
Cortical Implant

Cortical Level: The chances of the implant persistency are significantly improved by inserting the upper edge of the implant at the cortical level or below (from 0,5 to 1 mm).

Platform switching: The diameter of the abutment is smaller than the outer part of the implant which is connected to the bone. This way the soft tissue closes upon the ingoing aperture and the implant’s connecting surface of the bone nest, covering, insulating that like as a sealing ring.

Conical, spirally microstriated cortical surface: The multi- paragraphed microstriated spiral surface can function as a significant weight bearing element connected to the cortical and ensuring micromotor-free condition for the fast insertion.

Root form, high thread pitch spongy thread: Due to the conicity, high thread pitch, high thread deepness, self-tapping shaping of the thread, it has a bone-compacting effect.

The BIONIKA Cortical Normal implants  are versatile applicational possibilities in the case of average bone structure. When inserting the implant, the platform and the nominal diameter should be considered as well. Choosing the accurate inserting length is also important according to the available bone stock.

For this Normal implant type the original natural „TITANIUM” coloured technical implants and abutments should be used.

Cortical Normal
Cortical Short

The characteristic of the Cortical Extra-Cortical Extra Short implants is the short, stout geometry which can be eventuated in favorably in the case of vertical directioned bone deterioration. Its structural abutment is the same with the Normal shape. The connection sizes of the Extra Slim implant is different, thus in favor of the better transparency and fast differentation the „BLUE” coloured technical implants and abutments are applied in this subsystem.

The applicational field of the Cortical Extra Slim implants is the slim jaw bone. In the case of the construction the Extra Slim implant type has the same characteristics with the Normal shaping type, so the sampling and the prosthetic tasks are simple and accurate as in the case of the Normal subsystem.

The abutments and technical implants are provided with „YELLOW” colour in the case of the ø3,0mm.

Cortical Slim
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