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BIONIKA Conefit Implant System - with 3 type of implants: two-piece single-phase, one-piece single-phase and bi-phasic.


Implant System


The shaping and development of the CONEFIT dental implant system was started in 1992 by the BIONIKA engineering office with medical professional support of the Central Dental Institute. Due to the implantation experience and researching of the Oral Surgery Department lead to the realization that the application of the self-closing, high thread pitch titanium screw with a conical fixation has exceptionally favorable conditions for dental implantology from biomechanical point of views.


There is an option for a single and biphase solution from surgical insertion point of view. The conicity of the root part of the implant gains up the conicity of the natural tooth root. The head is equipped with a hexagonal key opening and a 60 degree centering morse cone, which stably fits into the terminal part of the abutment.

Hexagonal connection