BIONIKA “LoKator” heads with a cap set

The basis of the modern removable tooth augmentation

The “lokator” head is the fixative element of the removable toothworks provided with a torus shape.

The implant tooth fixations also provide a tremendous quality of life for the patient in the case of removable toothworks, as this will make the denture much more stable than conventional removable dentures, possibly with dentures fixed with denture adhesive. It gives a sense of perfection in chewing and talking as well.

The locator head cap set consists of interlines with different retention properties:

1. The pink can be used for 10-20 ° deviations and has a stronger bearing capacity of 3lbs.

2. Blue can also be used for 10-20 ° deviations, but it is a softer material with a lesser bearing capacity of 1.5lbs.

3. The red can be used for 20-40 ° deviations, it has a bearing capacity of 1lbs, this is the softest interline.

4-5. The white spacer interline and the black work interline in the metal cap are needed for sampling and preparing the toothwork.

Applicational fields of the “Lokator” head

If the patient does not have a tooth, complete tooth replacement can be made. In this case one of the solutions is the removable denture: 2-4 implants are inserted, this will be the fixation for the removable tooth.

The advantage of the removable toothwork is the simple removal, easy cleanability and in the case of a problem the abutments can be easily exchanged. In addition to this, the insertion of only two implants is the most economical solution.