Dr. Miskolci Sándor: My experience gained with the SCANDREA implant


The clinical application of the new SCANDREA implant family was possible from 2013 May with the help of the BIONIKA company. 20 pieces of implant was inserted in the case of 12 patients with a high success rate: there was neither early implant loss and nor peri-implantitis.

The system has an exceptional range of sizes: in the case of 3-7 mm there are 7 diameters and there is a possibility to manufacture unique dimensions besides the 7-21 mm which has 8 kinds of diameters. The packaging is simple, practical, the colour codes are clear and the maneuverability is adequate during surgery.

SCANDREA Implant System

The primer stability of the implant even in the case of D4 bone quality is adequate owing to these characteristics:

  • the spiral screw thread has a compressional type and its diameter is the widest in the middle of the implant
  • cervical micro thread in the level of the cortical bone
  • the diameter of the artificial thread core in the one-third of the neck is permanent, paralell , doesn’t dilate and doesn’t narrow unlike the spiral thread.

After the insertion of the implant into the bone nest, the cervical narrowing , which is applied in other systems, doesn’t ensure a gapless fixation between the implant core and the cortical bone in the healing phase. In the case of the SCANDREA this connection is gapless , thus the primer stability is significantly better.

Scandrea radiogram 1

2. Illustration: Scandrea implants inserted next to each other

The adequate cervical wall thickness of the implant properly ensures the underpinning of the soft tissues and is significantly resistant to mechanical stresses. The apical , the traumatic rounding off is favorable in the case of closed sinus lift surgeries.

The indexation is renewed besides the basic conical artificial-abutment connection: the hexagonal grooving , which requires less space ( similar as ANKYLOS, MIS C1), ensures easier maneuverability during surgery in the case of manual and mechanical positioning as well. Naturally, there is a stabile and clear connection between the implant and the prosthetic abutments as well. To sum up: we have been enriched with an implant , which is domestically produced ,good value-for-money, easy-to-use, easy-to-designed according to the advanced mechanical-biological principles.

Scandrea radiogram 2
Scandrea radiogram 3

3. and 4. Illustration: Implants inserted into the mandible and maxilla

Dr. Miskolci Sándor dentist, dentoalveolar odontologist

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  • Author | Dr. Miskolci Sándor
  • Date | 2013. 10. 01
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