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General features of the Slim Implant System


Due to the distinctive characteristics of the SLIM Implant System is one of the most suitable solution not only for average hard but in the case of softer bone structures as well. Meeting the minimum invasive requirements, the surgery can be performed by small exploration, possibly transgingivally. Due to the same characteristics it is the most optimal construction for immediate loadness.


  • Radius-shaped thread edge
  • Cycloid thread profile
  • High thread pitch
  • High thread depth
  • Conical, self-compressional thread adjusted to the natural tooth root
  • Thin, pointed, conical ending
The flexible head of the Slim Flexible can be flexed at an angle of 20 degrees in any direction.
 The Slim Flexible implant can be ordered with technical implant and a sampling head as well.

Slim Stabile implant system
also available in Aesthetic, Classic or Ball-head design

Stable neck design (ø2.3 mm)



Slim Flexible Implant System
Available in Aesthetic, Wide, Classic or H4 (4-groove) head design

One of the main features is the bendable neck – up to 20°, with RadialFix grooves below the platform switcing

Slim Compact – new solution for Screw-retained dentures


Slim Compact is a new member of the BIONIKA Slim Implant family. By adapting the Multi-unit solutions of two-phase implant systems, we have created the Slim Compact, which extends the need for single-phase implants beyond the use of cemented dentures to the widespread use of screw-retained solutions.

Our company, BIONIKA, has an increasing role in offering screw-based solutions, adapted to the market demand. That is why we are trying to meet the demands with this new product.

You can download the Slim Flexible Implant System catalouge in pdf format!

Click on the picture to download the Slim Implant System catalouge in pdf format!