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The characteristics of the Speedy Implant System:  flexible aesthetic headform  • Platform switching under the flexible neck, with RadialFix grooves • radius -shaped thread edge • cycloid thread profile  • high thread pitch • high thread depth • conical, self-compressional thread adjusted to the natural tooth root • thin, pointed, conical ending  • rotation restraining cutting edge.

Due to its characteristics, the Speedy Implant system is the most suitable solution, not only for average hard but also for softer bone structures when bicortical fixation is needed.

Meeting the minimal requirement of penetration, the operation can be done with a little opening, or just transgingivally. Due to these same characteristics, this is the most optimal construction for an immediately loadable implant. Its flexibility makes it suitable for holding the temporary denture.

The flexible head ensures a 35 ° malleability.
Speedy technical implant with sampling head.

The abutments of the Speedy Implant System

Our Speedy Implant System involves an impression coping and an analog.


Raw materials

The dental implants of BIONIKA are made of titanium Grade 5 that has the most favorable attributes for dental implantology.

Because of its adequate purity, the titanium Grade 5 is exceptionally biocompatible, and its solidity is excellent, too. At the beginning, just like many others, we preferred the titanium with higher purity level but today, almost every implant in the world is made of Grade 4, Grade 5, or another titanium alloy because of their better solidity.

You can download the Speedy implant system catalouge here in pdf format!

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