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Compatible TP

Compatibility: ICX Templant ®

Our COMPATIBLE abutments are designed to fit perfectly with other systems and instruments. There is a wide range of abutment topside selection, whose interface can be selected according to the desired system. Our Compatible TP system is compatible with the following systems: ICX Templant ®

BIONIKA COMPATIBLE TP Implant system - ICX Templant - connection
BIONIKA COMPATIBLE TP Implant system - ICX Templant - connection


Hexagonal positioning. Micromotor-free , conical (90 degree) connection. The locking screw has a 1,2 mm and hexagonal key aperture. The shape of the implant head is not always the same in every case, only compatible with the original construction. Customized solutions can be ordered as well.

There are nearly 50 types of geometries for plastic, zirconium, titanium and cobalt chromium-based toothworks. The implant heads can be founded for removable, screwed and glued toothworks in our supply, as well as implant-level casting heads, temporary heads, gum-forming heads, prosthetic and CAD-CAM elements are available for You at your disposal.

Compatible implant heads