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BIONIKA MDI Implant, with O-ringed cap


Implant System

The MDI Implant System can be applied in the case of harder than average and thin bone structures for removable toothworks.

Distinctive constructional and applicational characteristics:

• Minimal invasive intervention – transgingival surgical technique possibility • Flexible teetwork connection • High primer stability- immediate „loadness”, with a torque above 35 Ncm, screwed into the jaw bone • Imtec MDI compatibility

Polished surface in accordance with the size of 2-4 mm sulcus • Screw selectional possibility adjusted to the height of the sulcus • Conical, self-compressional, self-cutting, self-closing thread form • High thread pitch • Self- cutting thread edges with an anti-rotation function (for 2,9 mm diameter).

You can download the MDI implant system catalouge here in pdf format!

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