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„SuperClean” dental implants


Owing to the method used by Bionika, a manufacturer of dental implants and other medical devices based in Miskolc, the chance of rejection is minimized.


It is recommended to apply dental implants in two cases: one is the total tooth deficiency ,when the patient isn’t able to get accustomed to the removable tooth augmentation or one or two teeth are needed to be substituted. There are two things which can prevent you from having dental implants: one is that it is not cheap and the other is that although we undertake the finances but we are afraid that our body won’t accept the built-in artificial root: it inflames and in the worse situation it is rejected. After this, the relevancy of the Bionika, a family business based in Miskolc, which develops implants , dental implants within this, is increased, the Bionika produces practically germ free implants thus reducing the risk of rejection , in addition to this the implants are half the price of the national implants. Our company is present in the Hungarian implant market since 1989 and this nanotechnological method is applied successfully since then. Several our clients are suprised to hear that sometimes there are damages of the patient and the doctor amongst the foreign popular brands, yet our implants are inserted with a better probability of remaining in the mouth than the national average. The result of our 25-year experience is due to the fact that we always put special emphasis on the design and cleanliness of the surface of the implant and the consideration of biological viewpoints. The result of our method is an exceptionally special surface structure – Hajdú József informed our magazine, who conducts the company with his father for a long time. – We believe that in the case of dental implants only the titanium is suitable for being a base for the artificial tooth root. This is the ony high solidity material, which after the implant insertion the bone stems can attach to and stabilize it – the specialist explained. The truth is that there are attempts for using other biocompatible materials, yet none of them ensured the adequacy in practice, as the high solidity titanium and titanium alloy.

„SuperClean” dental implants

It is peerless in the industry

The frequency of the rejection is 3-5 % in the medical practice. according to the publications. In the case of this ,there might be bigger damages to occur as a result of the diseases of the patient , like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc, or more serious flu can lead to implant loss in the healing phase. The so-called endotoxines(dead bacterial remains) which adhere to the implant surface and according to these. nodule points can occur in the body. We were to fix this problem with designing the „super clean” implant surface. 25 years ago, we undertook that we were willing to exchange every implant produced by us us without examining the warranty reasons. Due to this , reliable data are provided considering our products, which is significantly better than the national data. This signifies a big sedation for us , because we provide such products for tooth augmentation that are believed to peerless in the industry. – he said. It was found out that both Hajdú József- father and son- received their degrees in mechanical engineering at the University of Miskolc. When the company was established , the son was only 16-17 years old, but he was involved in the things of company and more ideas of his was utilized. The company consists of approximately 20 employees , who received their degrees in mechanical engineering, informatics and economics. – It is a young, vibrant team. The people aren’t trained in the company for these research works separately, because who is employed starts the acquisition of special knowledge from zero in possession of the acquired knowledge and creative human capabilities. – he emphasized.

How does it get into the mouth?

Budapest and Dunántúl are the centers where it is dealt with tooth augmentation, because of the soaring of dental tourism , but there are implantologists in Miskolc as well, who are recommended. It is not sure whether every implantologist know about the „super clean” implant or not and they don’t have interest in using the cheaper and safer implant. However, the implant can be purchased directly from the manufacturer ,thus the intermediary benefit can be saved as well.

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  • Date 2015. 03.27
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