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Focusing on bionical tooth augmentation

If you don’t have enough time to make lengthy toothwork frames or have the adequate technology, then choose the services of BIONIKA Milling Center, where exceptional augmentations are made and you can spend the rest of your time with creating the perfect aesthetics.

Approximately 20% of the world’s population have total tooth deficiency and even more have missing teeth. As a result of this, the need for getting tooth augmentation is increasing, thus we want to improve the teeth of our patients faster and more effectively. If you want your health center and dental technology to keep up with the increased demand, you definitely need to renovate your dental services. In order to create demanding and accurate tooth replacements, it is inevitable to use the latest high technological equipments. The perfect micron precision locking can only be achieved with the current CAD/CAM technology.

Owning a machinery or applying wage work?

Dental laboratories need to choose one of the two. One option is to continue investing in new machines and courses. However, an inappropriately selected system can be financially burdensome, especially if you choose poorly and it does not produce the expected quality. The other option is to use different co-operation opportunities. This article was written to inform you about how can the new BIONIKA Milling Center be at your service, which is provided with the latest, modern technical properties. Fortunately, we have our own machine park.
This huge competitive advantage can be yours as well, if you look for us with such tasks of yours that require the modern technology.

Why is it worth to choose the BIONIKA Milling Center?

Unfortunately, the spread of digital dental systems is obstructed by several factors, such as technological change, which can seriously burden the dental laboratory budget. Many dentists and dental technicians tend to use the casting technology, however, with CAD/CAM equipments, due to the modern technology, it is possible to make much more accurate and precise toothworks.

At BIONIKA, we would like to help you with these dental techniques, thus our milling center, which is provided with modern machines, was created and which is based on nearly 30 years of dental and implant manufacturing experience.
Our system is provided with the most advanced technology that enables the production of high quality crowns, bridges and piers. In addition to the professional machinery, our specialists contribute to successful tooth augmentations in the best possible way.

5+1 reasons for choosing BIONIKA!

1.If you have too much work, you won’t lose any patients, because BIONIKA takes over the production of time-consuming toothwork frames with a short turnaround time, thus you will have more time for dealing with patients.
2. If you choose the BIONIKA Milling Center, you do not have to spend your money on expensive equipments and devices because we already have the most advanced technologies, highly trained experts, which are at Your service.

The computer-aided design and the usage of modern CAD/CAM devices are characteristics of the services of BIONIKA Milling Center.

3. The excellent quality is guaranteed. Professional fit is one of the most important factors for making longevous dentures. Those frameworks which are improperly fitting hurt more than they are used, as they can cause damage to the implants, the instruments, and last but not least the patients. This is not the case with BIONIKA, as modern scanning makes it possible to create perfectly fitting bridges, solo replacements and frameworks.
4. We are ready to help you in the hopeless situations as well.
There are no unresolved cases with BIONIKA, because we use professional experience to find a professional solution. The finished toothworks are guaranteed to be delivered as soon as possible, as our partners have experienced so far.
5. Affordable solutions. You don’t have to experiment. For every implant type there is a produced high-precision frame with a perfect fixation, at the best value for money.
5+1. The implant abutments for the perfect restauration can be found in the supply of BIONIKA. There are more than 50 proven geometries for glueable, screwable and removable tooth augmentations as well.

We are able to realize those things than only lives in the mind. We realize your idea in order to provide the better solution for your patient.

The process of our service

1.If you have a mouth scanner or a scanner for scanning a plaster model, send us the STL file by email.
+1 You do not need to have a scanner, as we can also make STL files from plaster samples with our 3D dental scanner. In this case, you will need to submit the standard plaster template to us. Note: We have self-manufactured scanbody heads and exact models for every implant system.

2. After the plaster model is arrived to us, our dental technicians design it with computer CAD software and then specify the frame of the desired denture and the restoration work begins.

3. The denture is made with our modern machines and CAM software based on the schedule. The framework can be made any of the following materials on request: Titanium, Zirconium, Co-Cr alloy, wax or plastic. The fixation of the framework is guaranteed, the ready to use product is delivered to You.

The process of our service of Milling Center

4. The finished frame is delivered to you as soon as possible to your address along with its accessories. We notify you of the arrival by e-mail.

Zirconium tooth augmentation made with the help of the BIONIKA milling center and machinery park.

Quality raw materials with BIONIKA

The exceptional quality of raw materials and the professional knowledge enables fast and perfect making of the ordered toothworks. It is important for us to make the products only from quality raw materials, thus such reliable materials are applied in the process of making, whose quality and adequacy is certified by the manufacturer’s test certificate according to the ISO5832 international standard.


High-strength and low-density alloys can be obtained from the titanium, which can be used from the production of aircraft to the production of prostheses. It is a versatile material with exceptional biocompatibility, thus not causing any allergic reactions for the patients. It is important for us to make our bio titanium products from the best quality. The requested tooth augmentation is machined with five -axis CNC machines, Grade 4 and 5 titanium is applied, from which life-long dentures can be made.

 The zirconium oxide is becoming more common in the modern dentistry field. This material can be machined easily and the aesthetic appearance of it is high. This is the best solution for metal-free tooth augmentations. It doesn’t cause any allergic reactions for the patient. Due to its high solidity, complex circle bridges can be made from it. It advantageously eliminates the unpleasant and harmful galvanic effects which is a typical feature

Quality toothworks by the BIONIKA Milling Center. A zirconium bridge which was designed by us can be seen on the picture.

Co-Cr alloy
The cobalt-chromium alloy is a high-strength material similar to titanium, making it an excellent toothwork for implants. As other materials, cobalt chromium is biocompatible as well, thus it can be used safely, however, it is advisable to carry out an allergy test in the case of metal allergic patients. Its great advantage is that its production cost is low, thus it is cheap, corrosion-resistant and excellent toothworks can be built from it. The Co-Cr crowns and bridges are manufactured from one block with the help of a five-axis CNC machine. The cobalt-chromium alloy is hard to machine, but because the frame is made from one piece, it eventuates an even stronger structure, thus reaching a more precise fixation, than it would reach with regular molding.

Moulder wax and plastic
The CAD-CAM technology is suitable for creating the denture geometry designed on the computer from molding wax used for casting or temporary plastics used as temporary dentures.

Become our partner!

The dental package of BIONIKA is a reliable, comprehensive service that is the perfect solution for you. In addition to manufacturing implants, we have begun manufacturing dental products to provide our partners professional, complex support for tooth augmentation. It is extremely important for us to provide a professional background for our customers. You not only receive a finished product from us, but we try to help with our professional knowledge and help move together at critical points.

Become a recurrent partner of the BIONIKA Milling Center and let us take off part of your burdens! With our service, you can be assured that you will be able to make perfect dentures for your patients.

Hajdú József
MSc mechanic engineer, economic engineer,
health manager economist
BIONIKA Medline kft.

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