BIONIKA Together – We dreamed of an original factory

 Hajdú József, the executive director of BIONIKA Medline Orvostechnikai Kft.

” I wanted to be an engineer in my own factory since childhood. I have always been attracted to the technical novelties. I am particularly interested in medical technology. In 1989, we also used the first real opportunity to set up a company. „

Hajdú József
chtd. mechanic engineer, economic engineer,
health manager economist

 Hajdú József, the executive director of BIONIKA Medline Orvostechnikai Kft.

„I also obtained a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Miskolc following the steps of my father. After my PhD studies, I undertook the IT and technical development tasks of the family company.”

Hajdú József Jr.
MSc mechanic engineer, PhD

We clung to the waves of the new technical flow, grasping the view that utilizes the wonderful inventions of nature for the man’s technical need with our knowledge and perseverance, which we now know is BIONIKA.

When we founded our family company on February 1, 1989, I was looking for a trademark that is not used yet and helps us in predicting future scientific developments. We attach great importance to the word „BIONIKA”, which marks a scientific thinking on the boundaries of biology, technology and electronics that combines these three areas in our researching and developing work.

Clinical and technological experiences:
The continuous process, combination and utilization of clinical and technological experiences in development contributes to our success, up to the production base.
Here you will find the best solutions and constructions suited to customer needs, which are under continuous development.

Development: Our products are developed in close collaboration with doctors and engineers, enabling us to ensure the world-class quality and practical utilization.

Quality: The quality of the products expected by our customers is guaranteed by design, manufacturing and quality management according to the harmonized European Union laws. The BIONIKA Medline Kft. is operated according to the EN ISO 9001 and the EN ISO 13485 quality management system. Our products are provided with CE marks.

My best support in the research and development fields is my son. His sensitivity to new technologies gives impetus to the company’s development.
We are prepared for and looking forward to challenges with a stable, committed young team behind us. Quality and reliability are the most important factors for us.

Hajdú József
MSc mechanic engineer,
economic engineer,
health manager economist
BIONIKA Medline kft

dental implant


oral surgery plates and screws


 intramedullary nails


hip prosthesis, orthopedic surgical technique


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