BIONIKA 3D Builder pre-marked titanium mesh – More than one year of reassuring results

Patients with disabilities are a serious professional challenge for even the most experienced dentist. There are many options for bone augmentation due to the modern medical technology of today. This type of intervention is required especially during implantation. There are several types of treatment methods: lateral augmentation, maxillary lift, alveolar preservation, bone fracture, bone block transplantation. We will present the bone replacement method that provides safe results in the following.

Titanium mesh or collagen membrane?

Absorbent and non-absorbable membranes can be used to eliminate bone defects, the most widespread types of these are the titanium nodes and collagen membranes. Many of the absorbent collagen membranes are considered to be a more preferred solution because it does not require a surgical intervention to remove the substance. The physical properties of it are reduced when it is in contact with blood or water, it does not have a spatial filling property, thus causing movement of the oral soft tissues, which may result in inappropriate bone regeneration.

The advantage of titanium membranes is that they have excellent mechanical strength against the absorbent membranes, and the free flow of body fluids is provided by a micro perforated surface, thus avoiding mucosal irritation. The titanium membrane defines exactly the location of the bone augmentation, serves as a carrier for bone substitutes, minimizing mobility and blocking the leakage of bone tissue. The thickness of the plates affects the retention and stability of the soft tissue. BIONIKA titanium membranes are available on request with a thickness of 0.1 mm and 0.2 mm.

Are 2D or 3D titanium nodes more effective?

The titanium mesh has been widely used in medical technology since its introduction in 1969. The usage of titanium nodes are widespread in the dentistry field , in the case of maxillofacial fractures and reconstructive surgeries. Titanium mesh has excellent physical properties such as biocompatibility, high strength, rigidity, low density, lightweight formability and low weight. In addition to this, it can withstand high temperatures and corrosion. Although, the traditional 2D flat membranes have adequate biological properties when they are used, they require manual intervention as it is necessary to cut and shape the plate to the right size. In contrast, the BIONIKA 3D Builder titanium nodes are designed to the forms of different bone loss, thus minimizing the usage of manual corrections.

Our plates are available in four form configurations (Forms A, B, C and D).

3D Builder pre-formed forms of titanium mesh

The usage of 2D flat titanium nodes is more risky considering effectiveness, because it may result in the formation of sharp edges due to manual cuts that may cause irritation to the mucous membrane and may cause exposure. In the case of the 3D titanium membranes, there is no possibility of occuring irritation or exposure. Preformed forms should not cause irritation, thus minimizing the chance of rejection and increasing the alveolar bone regeneration of the implant. It is easy to use the plates of the BIONIKA 3D Builder, the implant can be fixed with a locking screw and there is no need for purchasing additional parts.

The application of 3D Builder, bone augmentation with implantation in one phase, without riveting
3D Builder can be fixed with a locking screw .

With the help of the titanium node, bone augmentation is effective even 1 mm above the implant, due to embossing. When the titanium node is removed, it can be removed without irritation. The 3D Builder enables the inserted implant to have a crestal position with the help of its own spongy sliver after removing the node.

The application of 3D Builder- surgical images. The new bone- successful bone replacement with the help of the 3D Builder titanium node.


The BIONIKA 3D Builder titanium node has been used by our partners for more than a year, with great satisfaction. During this time, it has been shown due to the mechanical properties of our titanium nodes, they are very effective in bone regeneration compared to collagen membranes. They are provided with rigid stiffness and good positioning capability to prevent external strain deformation and bone tissue leakage. Because of these reasons, the titanium nodes can be used effectively in the case of larger bone defects.

The 3D Builder titanium node has been developed to simplify the work of our partners. The usage of 3D Builder titanium mesh is simple and there is no need for applying special inserting instruments. The bone augmentation can be perfomed with the implantation surgery at the same time. According to the medical technology of today’s state , this is one of the most effective methods for eliminating bone loss, thus we recommend the BIONIKA 3D Builder titanium mesh to all implantologists.

Hajdú József
executive director
MSc mechanic engineer, economic engineer,
health manager economist
BIONIKA Medline kft

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