A lot of patients struggle with the problem, that they don’t have enough bone stock for inserting implant. The lost bone supply can be replaced with different bone grafting materials, with the help of a titanium or synthetic membrane node, though this intervention extends the period of bone grafting treatment. The patients are often impatient, because they want to regain the their old smiles and chewing function in the shortest possible time. A multi-implant family was established for solving this problem at BIONIKA , with the help of this family the boen augmentation is avoidable and patient can be provided with an implant denture which can be loaded immediately.

Implantation overview

The total tooth deficiency is occuring more and more often in the world and the demand for different tooth replacements are growing continuously. Nearly the 20 % of the world population has total or partly tooth deficiency and this percentage is growing rapidly. The increased demand for bone augmentation is present in the global implant market, thus the sales are increasing and according to the forecasts, an additionally 6% of yearly increase can be expected.* This increased demand is naturally combined with the complex demands of the patiens ,and there are more treatment methods exist , than it existed ten years ago, thus every patient can be provided with the adequate tooth augmentation . * ( Statistical data based on the NobelBiocare.)

The All-on-4 solution is available for everyone

A lot of patients aren’t able to afford specific implantation standards due to financial reasons, though they naturally have the need for regaining the original state of their dentures. The All-on-4 concept is an exceptionally suitable solution for them and by the as cost-effective as possible application of it, the original function and aesthetics of the denture can be restored . This tooth grafting solution has been nearly applied for 20 years by the implantologists. This intervention was applied successfully in the case of thousands of patients with total tooth deficiencies. This treatment provides a special benefit both for doctors and for the patients as well.

Why is it popular among patients?

1. The fixed circular bridge can be made with inserting only 4 implants. Two implants are placed to the front teeth and two implants are placed to the rear teeth. This surgery is less stressful for patients, than the application of other techniques.

2. Intervention without bone augmentation. In the case of applying other bone grafting techniques it is necessary to replace the thinned bone, which causes unnecessary stress for the patient. The All-on-4 surgical technique enables the immediate implantation of the patient by leaving out the bone replacing treatment. The bone grafting period can be shortened at least temporarily to the patients’ highest satisfaction.

3. Immediately loadable implants. It is unnecessary to wear removable denture because the fixed temporary bridge can be affixed after few days of the surgery. The patient can experience an immediate lifestyle improvement, their chewing functions can be partly restored as well.

with all-on-4 eco implants

Why do dentists prefer this method?

1. It offers several protesthetic possibilities.The All-on-4 solution is characterized by the versatility of utilization , because it can be applied with several prosthetic solutions. It can be applied with removable and screwed toothworks at the same time due to the wide range of abutment selections. In this way the most suitable solution can be applied for the patient.

2. It ensures time-saving and flexible utilization. As it is unnecessary to have bone augmentation and lengthy additional treatments , the All-on-4 surgery can be performed easily and swiftly. The removable toothworks can be applied with ball headed, locator headed and conical abutments as well. In the case of fixed tooth replacements, the multi-unit heads can be applied which have an extremely wide angle correction.

3. It is an economical solution. Due to the affordable interventional possibilities , the surgery can be performed among those patients who are price sensitive. In this way you are able to have bigger clientele, because this is available for every patients.

According to the advanced demands of the market , the Hybrid implant family was developed at BIONIKA for applying the All-on-4 concept, with which not only the patients with normal bone deficiency , but the circle of patients with extended bone deficiency can be covered as well.

Hybrid, the versatile implant system

hybrid mini

High stability toothworks can be made with the All-on-4 solution. They offer a versatile utilizations for titanium, zirconium, plastic and Cobalt chromium-based toothworks.

The mini and normal implants can be found in our Hybrid system. The mini implants are those which are provided with 2,5- 3,3 mm diameters. The normal implants range from 3,8 mm to 6 mm diameters.

Unique sized implants and abutments can also be made because the demands of the patient are the most important things for us. In this way the All-on-4 intervention can be performed with every Hybid implants.

Beneficial solutions with the Hybrid mini implants

The implants can be applied with ball headed, locator headed , conical and multi-unit headed abutments as well. This gives a specific solution for the doctor and patient to decide which is the best solution for the patient. The usage of removable toothworks are widely spreaded solutions amongst patients with total tooth deficiencies. One of the biggest benefits of the Hybrid mini solution is the exchangeability of worn-out ball heads and locator heads. There is a possibility for making implanted removable dentures splinted together in the Hybrid system, when an inserted metal splint is placed onto the implants in a screwed condition , thus giving a bigger stability for the toothwork. In this case the doctor or the dental technician can choose to not to place the ball or locator head into the axis of the implant, but insert it into the optimally chosen place of the splint. By using removable toothworks, the patient do not have a moving denture anymore, but is provided with a guaranteed fix solution with which there is no dislodgement even in the case of hard to chew foods.

Extra stability with All-on-6 solution

The All-on-6 concept is provided with the previously described beneficial characteristics of the All-on-4 , but by inserting the 6 implants, the stability of the toothwork can be increased. In this way a smoother chewing power distribution is resulted. The patient is able to eat any food due to the extra chewing ability , because the denture of patient will not dislodge.

a--on-6 x-cross megoláds mini hybrid implantokkal

The X-Cross implantation was used long ago and now it is a forgotten technique , which is used succesfully in the case of the All-on-6 intervention. In the case of this method, two thin implants are screwed into the mouth of the patient with a transverse direction in the front region. This rearranges the power relations on the jaw bone in favor of the stronger stability.

Hybrid Zygomat for extended bone deficiency

The application of Zygomat implant provides an immediate solution with a single surgery. The Zygomat implants provides a solution in the case of extended bone deficiency without the need for bone replacement.

Zygomat implantátumok alkalmazása - csontpótlás nélküli implantáció 2, illetve 4 zygoma csontba ültetett implantátummal.

The Hybrid Zygomat implants significantly shortens and simplifies the bone augmentation in the case of bone deficiency. The regularly long ( it is 35-55 mm length in our supply) implants are inserted into the yoke bone( zygomat) , thus providing an adequate holding of the toothwork.

In the case of intact front bone tissue , there is a possibility for inserting 2 Zygomat implants into the zygomat bone (yoke bone) , by applying 2-4 normal implants at the same time. In the case of high degree of bone deficiency, 2-2 Zygomat implants can be inserted into the rear and front regions.

The BIONIKA HYBRID Zygomat implants are provided with an adequate primer stability , can be loaded immediately , thus there is no need for wearing removable toothworks. This type of tooth implantation , by taking advantage of every possible abilities for implantation of the patient , can provide a lifelong solution in the case of drastic bone deficiency as well , even combined with the HYBRID normal and mini implants.

hybrid zygomat

The BIONIKA Medline kft. research and development center makes significant efforts in favor of developing the best instruments as possible for the patients with total tooth deficiencies in the case of bone augmentation. In addition to this, due to the continously growing patient demands , the newer and newer , more widely used technical possibilities for extending the implantation without bone replacement are ensured at BIONIKA. This is why the development of the Bionika Hybrid system was developed , which not only provides the implantation of normal cases , but it can provide solutions for the most extreme bone deficiencies for the implantologists who have a lot of experience in surgical practice.

Hajdú József
Msc Mechanic Engineer, Economic Engineer,
Health Manager Economist
BIONIKA Medline Kft.

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