The helpers of the travelling implantologist

It is not enough to find the perfect implant system, the usage of the adequate instruments is inevitable for the successful implantation as well. The demands of your partners are important factors at BIONIKA and such products are manufactured at our factory that meet the modern medical technological requirements as much as possible. Our instrument kits simplify the process of surgeries, thus enabling you to focus more on the demands of your partner.

Utazó screwdriver kit- a practical solution for every case

The screwdrivers and test kits were developed by BIONIKA, which ensure perfect operation during interventions. These sets were established in order to simplify the insertion and removal of head screws, implants and abutments. If you „travel” in the implantology field, or patients travel to your service with a foreign implant inserted in their mouths, then the Utazó screwdriver and test kit of BIONIKA are inevitable, which consist the Key for the existing and most common implant systems in Hungary.

 BIONIKA Small Utazó screwdriver kit. Dental instruments, manual keys in  labeled box

1.Travel screwdriver kit

Our basic set is available in a light, anodised sterilizing aluminium box. It includes 13 manual keys, an adapter for using machine elbow stems and a ratchet torque wrench. These are the most important instruments an implantologist should possess.

In order to facilitate the utilization, our kits are provided with code letters, and dimensional and geometrical notions.

BIONIKA utazó implant test key kit with colour codes, in a labelled tray and with a box that can be sterilized.

2. Utazó implant test key kit

The implant test key kit is placed in a demanding, anodised aluminum box. It consists of 23 keys, which are compatible with the most popular implant brands. The keys are provided with more diameters in the case of every brand. With the help of this key kit, the adequacy of ossification of patients possessing implants can be tested. As a side function, it is able to remove the ineadequate implant from the patient’s mouth. The package also includes a ratchet torque wrench.

3. Utazó Dual head wrench and test kit

This is the combination of the two previously described kits in one tray. Every manual keys can be found in this set, which are needed for the most widespread implants on the world!

The package includes 13 head wrenches and 23 implant key drivers for the test of ossification. Moreover, an adapter for elbow machine stems and a ratchet torque wrench can be found in the set.

BIONIKA utazó Dual wrench and test kit can be sterilized with trays and box as well.

Ratchet torque wrench

The ratchet torque wrench is used to tighten and insert screws and implants. Using pre-set torque, ensures the optimum power transfer when inserting the implant.
The scale of the torque rates can be changed between 15 to 35 Ncm,The scale on the opposite side can be used as a reverse torque. The ratchet torque wrench can also function as a simple ratchet. The desired torques can be adjusted from 15 Ncm to the right. When the ratchet torque wrench adjuster screwed to the stop, the torque of the key can be infinite, that and it is able to expose a much higher torque than the torque shown on the scale.

 BIONIKA ratchet torque wrench wih the scale of 15-35 Ncm and notions that make the utilization easier.

Dental instrument and instrument kits for the succesful implantation

The usage of instruments with adequate quality and effectiveness is a necessary factor during implantation. Our dental instruments have been created with the aim of finding all the instruments needed for implantation in a single, pre-assembled kit. Only one set of instruments are needed for the succesful implantation. The wide range of sizes enables the kit to be widely used. The trays are structured according to the surgical order, labeling makes their utilization easier. The sterilization tray and box are manufactured by using modern CAD-CAM technology.

BIONIKA Large instrument kit

The BIONIKA Large instrument kit consists of 33 instruments. The preparing instruments for pre-drilling, the thread forming drills, the thread calibrating drills, the paralelling pins, the implant key drivers, prosthetic instruments and the ratchet torque wrench, which is suitable for tightening the screws with the given torque and inserting implants.

BIONIKA Large instrument kit is designed for dental implantation, with colour codes, labels according to the surgical technique order.

Small instrument kit

The Small instrument kit by BIONIKA is an exceptionally practical and economical solution. It consists of the same instruments as the Large instrument kit, but in a smaller range of sizes, although this limited variant can facilitate the work of an experienced implantologist., especially if a space-saving solution is needed during travelling. The range of sizes of the instruments is adjusted to the different implant systems in every instrument kit, buti it can be changed according to discussion.

BIONIKA Small instrument kit for dental implantation and is an ideal solution for travelling due to its small size. It consists of the most necessary dental instruments for implantation in a box that can be sterilized.


Nowadays not only the patient travels to the doctor, but often the implantologist travels to the clinic of the patient, where unknown tasks can occur. For this prepration, your helper is BIONIKA with its instrument kits.

Hajdú József

MSc mechanic engineer, economic engineer,
health manager economist
BIONIKA Medline Kft.

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