The MC implant abutment system is based on a revolutionary manufacturing process, which is still in the research phase. The essence lies in combining CNC machining equipment with new special kinematics and CAD-CAM technology. This makes it possible to produce a pre-designed angular head construction in the range of 0 ° to 75 °.

A. ábra: Behelyezett implantátumok irányai – B. ábra: Más gyárak kínálatában lévő 30°-os Multi-unit fejekkel elérhető szögkorrekció – C. ábra: Fejlesztés alatt lévő BIONIKA MC szögkorrekciós felépítmény alkalmazásával elérhető szögkorrekció

A. illustration: Directions of the inserted implants – B. illustration: Angle correction with 30 ° Multi-unit heads in the supply of other factories – C. illustration: Angle correction with the BIONIKA MC heads under development

The BIONIKA launched the research of the MC implant abutment R & D & I project to resolve the problem in Illustration A-B.

With the help of the BIONIKA MC product family, angular deviations between 0 ° and 75 ° can be steplessly corrected in a wide range (Illustration 2). It is necessary to determine in advance how many degrees of implant correction is required.

The angle correction can be determined by using any dental engineering software (eg Exocad) or a patented mechanical protractor tool with a sufficient accuracy which was developed by BIONIKA for MC System, as shown in Illustration 1. The BIONIKA MC protractor is an important novelty product, as the various manufacturers offer a plastic selection model for the determination of different angular heads. The different measured angular values are sequentially entered into the manufacturing software and based on this information, a machine with suitable capabilities can then sequentially produce individual MC heads of even in different sizes, completely without any human intervention. In this way high-precision implant heads can be manufactured with effective, factory technology in the range of 0 ° to 75 °, with a crown on request and a 24-hour lead time.

The basic types of MC abutments are shown in Illustration 2 and 3. These geometric shapes exist but cannot be chosen at will and can be produced quickly, accurately and with productive factory technology, manufactured with stepless, angular deviation on demand.

Such a high precision parallelization of implants, particularly the more and more increasing usage of mountable toothworks, eventuates its inevitability in favor of performing precise mounting makes it necessary.

The MC R & D & I research development project of BIONIKA Medline Orvostechnikai Kft. focuses on the following product types.

1. MC straight ad angular grindable abutments for glued toothworks

In the case of glued crown and bridges, the cone of the abutments is preferably a 3 ° -5 ° self-sealing cone. If the axes of these are not made in the proper parallel, severe stresses may occur in the denture even though that certain deformations can be corrected by the adhesive layer. It is very important for the life expectancy of the dental prostheses to use the factory-produced MC type solutions..

2. MC ball head and locator head for removable toothworks

The various types of patent heads (eg ball head, locator head) are often used for temporary fixing of removable toothworks. The usage of straight heads, where the ball head cap and locator head insert enable the 5 ° -10 ° correction, is the most widespread use for this method. The relative position of the implants cannot differ much from the previous angular values; therefore, long-life, good solutions are not always produced.

In the case of using ball heads, locator heads and all other patent heads of the MC system, the required angular deviation correction between 0 ° and 75 ° is provided.

3. MC screwed abutments for mounted toothworks

In order to be able to manufacture tension-free, well-fitted, long-life mounted denture, the mounted toothworks require the utmost precision. Despite the many failure possibilities, the usage of it is advisable in cases when sometimes the removal of the fixed toothwork is required in treatments. The possibility of use in a mountable toothwork at an angle of 0 ° to 75 ° is shown on Illustration 3.

1.Illustration: MC protractor head – 2.Illustration: MC straight and grindable abutments with a refracted angle 3.Illustration: MC multi-unit and ball head, locator head abutments

1.Illustration: MC protractor head –
2.Illustration: MC straight and grindable abutments with a refracted angle
3.Illustration: MC multi-unit and ball head, locator head abutments

4. Conclusion

KIt is a key issue in dental technology that the abutments placed in the implant are always parallel to the denture. MC is different from other solutions, for example that as others manufacture concrete 17 and 30-degree Multi-Unit heads, until then BIONIKA is able to produce any angular head in the 0 ° to 75 ° degree range with the MC abutment system. In short, this is the latest research development project of BIONIKA Medline Orvostechnikai Kft.
We would like to thank our partners for helping our work with new ideas and medical support thus patients able to get the most perfect solutions.

Hajdú József

executive director
BIONIKA Medline Orvostechnikai Kft.
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