The „X-Cross” Implantation

It offers a versatile, complex, multifunctional solution customized to your needs for cases solved by mini implant tooth augmentation with removable abutments. This is single and biphasic, that can be loaded immediately, extra thin, normal and extra shortly round-headed, locator headed, conical, multiunit headed Hybrid implants offer a wide range of applicational possibilities for, plastic, zirconium, titanium and cobalt-based teethworks.

• Versatility is more important than size but the Hybrid system is also inimitable in range of sizes. This is a newly customized way in implantology. The R&D&I development technological system of the manufacturer guarantees the most optimal, unique size option individiually. The patient is not a “serial” product. You plan the customized implant for them, we only guarantee the compliance of medical products according to ISO EN 13485.

• Intelligent implant system. The manufacturer follows and improves introducing all scientific results from the classic ot he most modern principles. It not only takes into account the demands of the patient but also the medical work efficiency improving researches.

• This is a unique Biomimitek technology. Although the intelligence is more important than the raw power but with the BIONIKA „Biotis” surface integration technology the BioDiamond is exceptionally superior in primer stability and unconquerable in osseointegration. /p>

• Total functional abutment system- There is also one that only exists in your imagination, if it can be devisable by present-day ’s state of technology. The freedom of biological adaptation is Yours as well as the success. You are able to follow conscientiously the jaw structure of your patients for the implantation.

• The solution is in the Hybrid system. The manufacturer contributes with effective improvements, innovations, proffessional support and service to make you more productive with BioDiamond than any other product. /p>

• It is a guaranteed gurantee, this means the manufacturer guarantees the replacement of the implant even if there are no guaranteed conditions. The Biodiamond shows a return at all events -The eternal value diamond. It is a timeless investment.

Hybrid thin mini implants with "slim" formation.
The structural parts of the HYBRID implant body:


1. It is a Brönemark type hexagonal cross section head with inner cone and screw thread.

2. Micro thread structure with a four paragraphed cortical cord thread.

3. Double paragraphed normal cord thread body part for dynamic force reduction.

4. With increased contour and increased thread depth, the cycloid thread structure with primary stability, self-cutting edge and anti-rotation groove.

The main characteristics of the BIONIKA Hybrid Implant System is that, each element of the screw thread has a radius-shaped, continuously variable cross-section according ot he natural analogy. The „3” cord thread screw section is a smaller diameter with „k” than the „m” thread formation of the apical part providing the primary stability with the sharper cycloid thread.

The applicational fields of the Hybrid implant

There are more and more patients with a small bone supply, who naturally have the needs of regaining the 100% function of their teeth. BIONIKA has developed the Hybrid implant system, which enables us to produce teethworks for versatile usage in the case of those patients.

Removable toothworks

If the patient does not have a tooth, complete
tooth replacement can be made. In this case
one of the solutions is the removable denture.
Usually removable toothworks are 2-4, possibly 6-8 implants are implanted into the upper jaw, considering bone quality, according to load conditions. The round-head solution is a classic solution. The most common fixing solution. Both the 1.8 mm (micro) and 2.5 mm (normal) diameter ball head implants can be found in the Hybrid mini systems. A (medium) ball head with a 2,3 mm diameter can be ordered on request.

BIONIKA also provides ball heads with a corrected size as a unique service, depending on the required retaining force.
The application of the locator torsion-shaped head single-phase or biphase mini implants are relatively new compared to this. These are also able to provide greater stability to the denture in the case of less implants. The great advantage of the HYBRID solution is the replacement possibility of worn out ball heads and locator heads.

Implanted removable dentures splinted together

Beside the implants, an individually prepared metal splint can be inserted screwed to the implants, which even provides greater support and stability for the denture. The splint is fastened to 2-5 implants. Thus, the loading of implants is better distributed, thus increasing their lifetime.

In the case of toothworks splinted together, the dentist and the dental technician may also have the possibility that the ball head or the locator head be designed and constructed not into the axis of the implant but in the optimum position.
The implant tooth fixations also provide a tremendous quality of life for the patient in the case of removable toothworks, as this will make the denture much more stable than conventional removable dentures, possibly with dentures fixed with denture adhesive. It gives a sense of perfection in chewing and talking as well.

Locator headed removable denture with hybrid mini implants.

2. Illustration:  Locator headed denture fixation with Hybrid implant and a removable locator head

3. Illustration:  Locator headed fixation splinted together built on the 4 pieces of Hybrid Implant with a through-bolted fixation

4. Illustration:  A denture can be fixed to the Hybrid Implants with a ball head

Beneficial solutions with mini Hybrid implants

All-on-4 the economical solution

The thin Hybrid mini implants are also suitable with the All-on-4 solution in the case of toothworks with great stability. The temporary denture can be inserted ot he day of surgery.
Immediate improvement in function, speech and aesthetically. Treatment times are shorter and costs can be lower than conventional implant placement modes.

All-on-6 the safe solution

The stability of the toothwork can be increased with the All-on-6 solution. It is exceptionally advantageous in the case of extra chewing ability. The usage of longer implants allows the bone and the implant to touch on a larger surface, thus making bone augmentation avoidable. Favorable bone level for tilted and axial implants. High remaining and osseintegrational chances.

An explanatory illustration of the load bearing capacity of the fixing elements depending on the direction of insertion.

5. Illustration: An explanatory illustration of the load bearing capacity of the fixing elements depending on the direction of insertion

All-on-6 X Cross-Implantation

A German dentist’s acquaintance reminded me of the long-forgotten technology of crate nailing. Upon his proposal we began the development of the Hybrid implant system, with the aim of finding a solution to produce high-strength toothworks for patients with few bone supplies. The attached illustration clearly explains the load bearing capacity of the crate nail depending on the direction of insertion.

All-on-4 screwed denture, and it is a stable solution by inserting only 4 Hybrid mini multi-unit headed implants.

6. Illustration: All-on-4 the economical solution

7. Illustration:  All-on-6 the safe solution

All-on-6 X-Cross solution with Hybrid mini multi-unit implant heads. The transverse implantation ensures additional stability.

8. Illustration: X-Cross-Implantation

The thread diameter of the thin HYBRID mini implants has been designed so that the crosswise threading can be solved in the case of thin bone structures. That is why the middle thread section is thinner. The well-constructed new X Cross-Implantation system significantly rearranges the jawbone energies and provides high stability results.

Hajdú József
MSc mechanic engineer, economic engineer,
health manager economist
BIONIKA Medline kft.

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