Implants and abutments from the known to the unknown

It offers a versatile, complex, multifunctional solution customized to your needs for cases solved by mini implant tooth augmentation with removable abutments. This is single and biphasic, that can be loaded immediately, extra thin, normal and extra shortly round-headed, locator headed, conical, multiunit headed Hybrid implants offer a wide range of applicational possibilities for, plastic, zirconium, titanium and cobalt-based teethworks.

Why choose the COMPATIBLE?

The number of implants and abutments increases exponentially on the market, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Due to the diversity, the dentist and dental technician must be more and more prepared for both instrumentation and being more of an expert. More than compatibility, complete solution in every case.

Anatomical heads for removable toothworks provided with different connections of the COMPATIBLE abutment system.
1. IllustrationDifferently compatible anatomical heads
of the Compatible 
  • In many cases, patients arriving from abroad are provided with unknown implants, for which quick and professional solution is needed to apply by the domestic experts. There is a well-developed system to how to create perfectly fitting abutments for unknown implant systems.

  • Another problem is when we know of the implant is because the patient is able to know what was inserted into his mouth or he has a card. However, there are cases in which the abutment is no longer produced or is no longer available in the Hungarian market or the lead time for purchasing is too long which is a key issue in the case of a foreign patient.

Compatible Prosthetic elements
2. Illustration: Prosthetic elements of Compatible
  •  The international price level is generally high enough , thus you are able to save reseller fees in Hungary by buying directly from the manufacturer. You are provided with a cost-effective and simple not only for the final but also for the temporary replacement. In this way you are able to save time and money by choosing our company.
  •  Due to the wide range of sizes, it is difficult to experiment with the abutments to find out which abutment systems are really good. This research process consumes a lot of time, money and energy, and patients are impatient, so they are in need of immediate solutions or they will turn to someone else. In order to facilitate the search process, we have created our COMPATIBLE system, which is a simple and quick solution for every problem.
Compatible implant heads for glued tothworks.

3. Illustration: Compatible implant headsfor glued toothwork

These are the reasons for choosing the BIONIKA COMPATIBLE high-quality abutments!

  • Compatible with most popular implant systems in Hungary
  • All abutments are available in one place, either removable, gluable or screwable toothworks
  • Wide range of sizes of almost 50 geometries for titanium, Co-Cr alloy, plastic and zirconium
4. illustration: Compatible abutments for removable toothworks.

4. Illustration: Compatible abutmentsfor removable toothworks

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manufacturers have a much wider range of sizes, not only standard sizes are available
  • We also undertake individual abutment production for our partners
  • We also resolve cases when the implant in the patient’s mouth is unknown
  • We work with raw materials from the best quality reliable sources
  • Excellent value for money
  • If you are not provided with the adequate instruments, but you are in need of the kit belonging to the given system, then there is a possibility for ensuring free renting by BIONIKA
5.illustration: Ratchet torque wrench

5. Illustration: Ratchet torque wrench

The excellent raw materials and the usage of precise documents are a principle at Bionika

The abutments of BIONIKA Compatible system are made of the finest quality raw materials that derives from reliable sources whose origin is certified by the manufacturer who manufactures raw materials. It is able to be attached to the order on request. In most cases of abutments, Grade 5 quality titanium is used. Due to the development of materials used in prosthetics, this material has excellent biocompatibility and it is used with almost no risk. In addition to this, it has an extremely high strength, which enables to build a longevous denture from it, that does not cause any allergic reactions to the patient. In addition to this, our company prodcues manufacturing Co-Cr alloy, plastic (PEEK) and zirconium abutments.

Unique abutments and services satisfying every demands for our partners

BIONIKA Medline Orvostechnikai Kft. also undertakes unique abutment production with a short turnaround time in order to achieve the most accurate and professional upshot, thus performing satisfying surgeries for patients. We have nearly 30 years of professional experience and during this time we have encountered several problematic issues that we were able to solve successfully. As a result of this, we are provided with a knowledge base – that has accumulated over many years and we are happy to share in favor of achieving success. Our company is reliable, because it is provided with a qualified staff who try to satisfy the needs and demands of patients according to their best knowledge. Our company is also  provided with a milling center, thus enabling us to produce not only abutments but also complex toothworks, which will greatly facilitate the work of yours.

SOS. – Emergency assistance is also provided immediately

The incoming orders are posted on the day they were ordered; thus, you will have been received the desired abutment in your office by the next morning. The delivery time of the abutments ordered abroad can take up to several days. Patients are not always provided with much time, especially who are foreigners, thus requiring immediate solution.

If you get stuck in your work, you have the possibility to call us 24 hours a day, and at our company all of your questions are answered, and we try to solve all of your problems immediately.

SOS customer sevice everyday : +36 20 964-4146:

+36 20 964-4146

6.illustration: Compatible burnable heads

6. Illustration:
Compatible burnable heads

The success is guaranteed

We try to make our partners work with the best products to achieve the satisfactions of their patients. We guarantee that our products offer you satisfaction.

7.illustration: Cad/Cam elements

7. Illustration: CAD-CAM elements

If you are not satisfied with abutments or you have any quality problems, for these cases we introduced our long-term, 10-year guarantee for all our products. In every case, we provide replacement and money refund guarantee,
by taking over your financial risk, thus enabling you to use our products safely.


What does BIONIKA offer? Here are 13 arguments for choosing BIONIKA!

1. You are able to get affordable prices for implants, abutments and instruments for implantation
2. Our products are made from high quality, world-class materials
3. We undertake unique abutment production for our partners
4. We are provided with a quick delivery system, thus the desired abutment will have been delivered to your office next morning
5. There is a guarantee for our products
6. Our products are provided in a wide range, almost 20,000 kinds of products are produced
7. For every toothworks abutments are offered (titanium, Co-Cr alloy, plastic, zirconium)
8. Due to modern sterilization, null colony-forming unit sterility is provided
9. We are provided with several types of implant systems thus enabling you to choose from them according to your demands
10. Our products are provided with CE marks
11. Manufacturing is carried out according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards in the quality management
12. The orders are delivered to you within 24 hours
13. Long-term warranty is provided


Our Compatible product family is compatible with the following implant systems:

nobel biocare® : nobel active® – replace select® – brånemark system® | camlog® – conelog® |straumann® :  bone level® – tissue level® | alphabio® | zimmer® | mis® | sgs® | adin® | dio®|dentisply friadent® : ankylos® – xive® – astra®| denti® | cortical® | sic® | implant direct® : legacy® | scandrea® | scandrea+® | biohorizons® |ihde® | mytis® | conefi t® | bauer® | slim® | pitteasy® | bioplant®


Hajdú József
Msc Mechanic Engineer, Economic Engineer,
Health Manager Economist
BIONIKA Medline Kft.

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