Single and bi-phase dental implants

Unique dental implants solutions from BIONIKA


Dental implants straight from BIONIKA

As we promised last week, in this article, we would like to introduce you the unique solutions of BIONIKA.

Whether you need single- or bi-phase implants, BIONIKA has the right tools for you. 

Throughout its 33-year existence, BIONIKA has always strived to meet the most extreme needs. As a result, our product range has been constantly expanding, and we currently have 28,000 available products available for doctors and dentists. 


We will tell you the secret of BIONIKA, how is it became a leader implant manufacturer in the Hungarian market:

The BIONIKA’s secret to market leader dental implants

Listening to your needs

BIONIKA places great emphasis on communication and feedback. We make collaborations with our partners to develop innovations!

Favourable prices

BIONIKA keeps prices low, just like dissatisfactions!

Highest quality

For the manufacture of our titanium based abutments, we use alloyed, high-strength Grade 5 titanium in accordance with the ISO 5832-4 ASTM F136 standard.

We are proud to present you our single- and bi-phase implants: 

Choose your single-stage dental implant:

Slim dental implants

Choose your two-stage dental implant:

We are preparing interesting news for the next week!