„Back to the future”

Bionica’s innovation ambitions


We plan with you, we develop for you

In today’s fast-paced world, most people believe that the only way leads forward. However, in the fourth chapter of our BIONIKA News section, we will reverse and show you how our first and most unique implant families have evolved. 

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You may have heard that BIONIKA celebrated its 33rd birthday this year. During this time, many things have changed in our small country in Hungary, Europe and all over the world. 


József Hajdú, his wife and their children founded BIONIKA engineering office which focused primarily on R&D, production, and trade in the field of dental artificial root implants. 

Two implant families were developed this year: the BIONIC Blade Implant and the CONEFIT screw implant. 


The use of a blade implant can be considered if the bone is not wide enough to use screw implants. 

The BIONIC blade implant is available in both single and bi-phase versions with a blade width of 4 to 12 mm, with an implant length of 6 to 16 mm. 

BIONIC Penge implant

CONEFIT Screw Implant:

Due to the characteristic properties of the CONEFIT Slim Implant System, it is one of the most suitable solutions, not only for average hardness, but also for softer bone structures. 

BIONIKA was renewed on its 10th birthday: 

Note: In 1992, as a significant milestone, the BIONIC product was granted an ORKI license for the first time: the BIONIC enosseal blade implant system. This is the first Hungarian titanium dental root implant to be registered under the number 238/92 to receive an ORKI license. Bionika is the first to enter in the history of Hungarian dental implants produced using titanium raw materials. 

BIONIKA’s supply has been renewed annually in several areas

After that, BIONIKA supply was renewed almost every year in several areas besides oral surgery. All these products have been put on the market with a history, of course, licensed by ORKI.

Thanks to the feedback of our partners and our identity, our products are not only developed but also further developed. Moreover, we are constantly looking for an even better way to implant. 


Improvements at the turn of the millennium

In 2000, our SLIM and BIOPLANT systems were further developed

BIONIKA realizes its 15-year-old vision

BIONIKA implements its 15-year design concept called SCANDREA. This system combines the many years of experience of our company and the most modern scientific requirements.

2004-2007: Quality remains at the forefront

The CE Product Quality System and ISO 13485 Quality Standard will be introduced for BIONIC MEDICAL DEVICES.

New products were introduced in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, so our innovative company has not been idle.

BIONIKA continues to work to provide you with the best products in the best quality, so our short-term plans include compliance with the MDR quality assurance system, which is already having an impact in our current operation.

More news on dental implants coming soon!